Individual & Estate Hiers

We work hard to proactively identify, locate, and reunite clients with their assets. Locating people can be a complex business, with some people being relatively simple to locate and others more complex. We work with agencies, conduct expert research and challenge rights to reclaim funds to ensure we recover the money possible for our clients.

Our Recover Process: Partnership That Works for You!

Our goal is to make it easy for clients to recover funds.

Step 1 – We conduct an extensive search to locate unknown or lost funds from a multitude of sources.
Step 2 – We do a detailed search to identify and locate the rightful owners or heirs of the asset.
Step 3 – After a free Consultation. Our clients sign our agreement and authorize us to make the claim.
Step 4 – We handle everything from preparing all documents and filings required to document the
rights to the funds.

Step 5 – After we recover your funds. We notify you and send you a check.

We leave no stone unturned in our attempt to recover your money!

No recovery, No cost to YOU!

We only get paid when YOU get paid.